Hey, Wonder Woman, I think I have something interesting for you…

If you have a successful career, good professional growth planned but you feel you’re not performing at your best in your personal life and relationships…

Or if you feel happy and fulfilled in your relationships, family and personal life but you want to be more successful in your career, earn more money and build a professional growth for you or for your business…

This message is for you!

I can help you to build better relationships, to boost your career and to strengthen your self-confidence to bring you straight to the next level.

I am Maria Azzini, a Busy Women Balance Coach

and I help great “multitasking” women to find their perfect balance between professional success and personal happiness, so that they can have a successful career or business and, at the same time, be happy and fulfilled with their relationship and personal life.

I can do that quickly and effectively thanks to my Strategic Problem Solving approach, a methodology that was born for business (so it is concrete, effective and goal focused) but that perfectly fits to personal and professional success. This is a successful approach that I personally used to help company and their successful manager such as Barilla, Nomination, Toyota.

Wait! The best is yet to come…

As my launching my business worldwide,
after our great success in Italy,
I have a precious gift for you:

My exclusive guide
“How to build your successful Balance
in 5 easy steps”


You will learn the Equation of Equilibrium and all the determining factors for your balance. 
You will go through the 5 steps to control these factors and to build your successful balance. For good.

Ready to go straight to the next level?

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Diventa LWB Supporter!

“Prendi una buona idea e mantienila. Inseguila, e lavoraci fino a quando non funziona bene.” 

(Walt Disney)

Un grande progetto non si costruisce da solo: ha bisogno di idee, impegno, duro lavoro ma soprattutto di persone che ci credono. Più sono le persone che hanno fiducia in un progetto, maggiori sono le possibilità che possa diventare grande. Noi ci abbiamo creduto e finalmente la nostra creatura sta prendendo forma. 

Se anche tu pensi che nel mondo frenetico in cui viviamo ci sia bisogno di trovare equilibrio, se pensi che a volte, proprio presi da questa frenesia, ci sia bisogno di un supporto, di guida che ti aiuti a trovare quell’equilibrio, allora forse anche tu ci credi; forse anche tu in fondo credi che questo progetto possa contribuire a un miglioramento nella vita delle persone.

Se è cosi, hai la possibilità di essere tra coloro che hanno contribuito a rendere questo progetto realtà; come?

Diventando un LWB Supporter. Ma solo fino al 15 marzo 2020.