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LWB is born from the desire to promote a functional and deeply effective approach to life, by attempting to find the perfect combination of two key factors for happiness and success: private life and work life.

Our mission is to meet with as many people as possible and help them create their life-work balance, contributing to many small and big successes.

Reach your successful balance quickly and for good. With us.

We are Maria e Mauro,
your Balance Coaches


Maria Azzini

Problem solver, Coach but mainly Balancer. She is Italian by birth but a New Yorker by choice. Maria starts her professional career in the field of communication working with international brands such as Ogilvy & Mather and numerous other Italian companies where she leads the Marketing and Communication teams. Once she discovers the magical world of problem solving and coaching, she decides to educate at the Strategic Therapy Center and becomes trainer and coach (basically, she helps people and businesses solve problems and reach their targets). In the meantime, she has two children and understands, on her own skin, that the key to success is finding a balance between her two great loves: work and family. She learns how to do so, verifies its effectiveness and decides that she wants to share this knowledge with others. She co-founds LWB with Mauro and becomes a Balance Coach. 


Mauro De Clemente

Copywriter and creative writer, but first and foremost street poet. Mauro’s training revolves around writing: he earns his degree in literature, is a journalist and specializes in fiction screenplay writing. He is also a po-litical and institutional ghost writer. Mauro has written ads and videos for Salini e Impreglio, Allianz, American Express and many others, and has illustrated his poetry in many cities all over Italy. In 2015, he founded a creative communications agency MOO Comunicazione, offering small and large businesses his writing skills in the digital industry. To him, writing is like one of his favorite hobbies, running, because it is all about instinct, dedication, perseverance, strength and discovery. "Run and Live in One Breath" says the verse that he wrote for the Rome Marathon. Finding a physical and mental balance he wants to share with others, he decides to co-found LWB with Maria and becomes a Balance Coach. 

Who is a Balance Coach?

We are your Balance Coaches: we help people find their perfect balance between professional success and personal happiness, so that they can have a successful career or business and, at the same time, be happy and fulfilled with their relationship and personal life.

Thanks to our Strategic Problem Solving Approach, you’ll be able to reach your goals permanently and in a very short time.

LWB gives you the opportunity to reach a correct life-work balance and finally be able to:

Focus on personal and professional priorities

Reach maximum effectiveness & efficiency

experience real
happiness & fulfillment

Build solid and
supportive relationship

Take complete control
of your life

Reach a state of constant & total wellbeing

The LWB Methodology

Our Balance Focused Coaching Program is based on the effective techniques of  the Strategic Problem Solving Methodology: it was born for business (so it is concrete, effective and goal focused) but it perfectly fits to personal and professional issues. This is a successful approach that we personally used to help companies (and their successful managers) such as Barilla, Nomination, Toyota.

Our Program in only 10 weeks guarantees great results, fast and for good!

Before you go, there's a gift for you!

Are you curious and want to know more? Are you trying to figure out if it’s the help you need? We understand you.

And we want to start by building a solid relationship based on trust. Here’s our gift for you: a complimentary 30 mins coaching session to explore your balance and to give you precious tips to be more successful.

I think it’s a good opportunity to see if we can help you with your personal or professional success (Of course we can!).

Ready? Go!

For any question, information or even for a chit-chat about coaching, write an email to: maria@lifeworkbalance.it 

Diventa LWB Supporter!

“Prendi una buona idea e mantienila. Inseguila, e lavoraci fino a quando non funziona bene.” 

(Walt Disney)

Un grande progetto non si costruisce da solo: ha bisogno di idee, impegno, duro lavoro ma soprattutto di persone che ci credono. Più sono le persone che hanno fiducia in un progetto, maggiori sono le possibilità che possa diventare grande. Noi ci abbiamo creduto e finalmente la nostra creatura sta prendendo forma. 

Se anche tu pensi che nel mondo frenetico in cui viviamo ci sia bisogno di trovare equilibrio, se pensi che a volte, proprio presi da questa frenesia, ci sia bisogno di un supporto, di guida che ti aiuti a trovare quell’equilibrio, allora forse anche tu ci credi; forse anche tu in fondo credi che questo progetto possa contribuire a un miglioramento nella vita delle persone.

Se è cosi, hai la possibilità di essere tra coloro che hanno contribuito a rendere questo progetto realtà; come?

Diventando un LWB Supporter. Ma solo fino al 15 marzo 2020.